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Transportation probably isn't your business, but it does affect your business. The costs of transportation, traffic congestion, and other commuting issues can significantly impact your business and the well being of your workforce. Some of these issues translate into direct, hard-dollar costs, while others present less tangible, but still very real costs to your business.

Did you know?
  • An employee's commute is perceived as an extension for his or her work day.
  • Commuting affects job satisfaction, morale, employee retention, and productivity.
  • Job options are restricted for workers who cannot drive to jobs.
  • Some commuters would consider quitting their jobs or moving to avoid traffic congestion and the time it takes to get to work.
Drive Less Connect is a FREE program providing transportation options at your employees' fingertips. Cascades West is here to help with outreach about the program, so it doesn't add to your workload. The benefits are clear for both employees and employers. Employers can receive a transit payroll tax deduction for the first $245 they contribute each month to vanpool fare.

Vanpooling -What does it mean for employers?