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Throughout the Willamette Valley, vanpooling is coordinated as Valley VanPool, a partnership of Cascades West Rideshare, Cherriots Rideshare, and Lane Transit District's point2point Solutions program. The partnership launched in 2002 to streamline service, promotion, and recruitment for commuter vanpools in the Willamette Valley. Valley Vanpool has been involved in the creation or oversight of over 30 vanpools serving Western Oregon.

Vanpools are a comfortable, cost-effective, and a convenient way for groups of seven to fifteen people to share their ride to work. Vanpools reduce stress, help the environment, and save you money.

You or your employer can lease a vehicle through one of the Cascades West Rideshare contracted vanpool vendors and may receive hundreds of dollars to help offset the cost of the lease.

Through our contracted vendor Enterprise Rideshare, vanpool drivers are offered month-to-month leases on passenger vans that include maintenance, roadside assistance, and insurance costs. Drivers have access to the van after work hours and can even log personal miles.

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Click HERE to view a list of currently available vanpool seats.