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Share your daily commute and save! Carpooling is an easy way to instantly reduce your commuting costs by 50% or more. You'll save time, money, and wear and tear on your car all while helping to save the planet. Get started by registering at Drive Less Connect.

Drive Less Connect is a simple and secure way to find a rideshare partner for everything from commuting by carpool, vanpool, schoolpool, biking, or walking to attending one-time special events like football games and concerts. You can connect without using your home address - simply choose a local corner or Park & Ride lot as your starting point. By using your work e-mail address, you can match easily with co-workers.

Here are some quick tips for setting up a successful carpool from the start: Carpool Tips

Get Started! Sign up at Drive Less Connect for a FREE account. Next, enter your trip's starting and ending points. Drive Less Connect will provide you with a list of ridematching options that meet your preferences. You choose the one that best fits your schedule.