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Ride a Bike

Riding your bike for transportation is a great way to save money, burn some calories, and get where you need to go. Some important tips for biking:

  • Wear a helmet: protect your head when riding your bicycle even on short rides.
  • Go bright: avoid riding at night if possible, and put reflective tape or accessories on your helmet, bike, and clothing.
  • Follow the rules of the road: ride with traffic, use hand signals, and obey all signs. Make eye contact with drivers as you pull into an intersection or make a turn to be sure they have seen you.
  • Get in gear: don’t pedal in high gear for long periods which can increase pressure on your knees. Shift to lower gears and faster revolutions to lessen the stress on your knees.

If you’re planning to use public transit and a bike for your trip, check out how to load your bike in the bus rider guide.

Riding A Bike